The Future of the Beard Program

Hello fellow beardsmen and friends!

The Beard Stream has been a regular part of our beard coaching program for almost 2 years (October 2015 was when we started), and has been a great place to not only learn about beards but to also form lasting friendships. I have made many close friends through the years, and I have every intention of keeping those friendships alive and well! I also understand seasons, and this season of life has been unbearably busy. I was offered a job a while back, and after prayerful consideration decided to take it. I am also more involved in ministry now, which will include a lot of traveling. The Beard Stream, at least for NOW has to be paused. But, I have the feeling the pause will be permanent. Who knows for sure?

The core of the beard program has always been our direct message system, and the great news is that it will continue! Our resources will remain online, and aspiring beardsmen will still get the help they need. The ONLY thing that is changing is the live stream element.

I hate goodbyes, finales and last episodes. I get hopelessly sentimental and depressed when something good ends.
I have wrestled with this big time, it has been a big struggle. But, I just don’t think I could bear to make a “final” beard stream. I thought of announcing on tonight’s stream, but I am just not in a good place to do that. I would rather leave it as it is, and hope one day to be able to pick them up again!

Please reach out to me ANY TIME on our message system at or reach out on Beard Album.
I would love to hear from you.
As I said, everything remains the same, as we have done for 4 years (since 2013) with exception to the live stream.

I love you guys! Hope to hear from you VERY SOON!

Your beard coach and friend,


P.S- WILL be updating you on my beard on Beard Album. PLEASE stay posted and in touch!