How To Grow a Beard Faster: 3 Simple Tips

How To Grow a Beard Faster. Hint: It’s not that complicated

How To Grow a Beard Faster

How To Grow a Beard Faster

You may have heard guys say “it takes time and patience to grow a beard.”
That’s the last thing YOU want to hear if you are struggling with a weak beard. Or maybe your beard is short but has somehow stagnated and you are SICK and TIRED of having wimpy looking facial hair.
But, don’t worry. While it does take time and patience to fashion a good beard, there are little tricks that can help you grow your beard faster than you thought you could, all by following some simple tips from guys who have long been down this road!

3 Tips that will help you grow your beard faster than you ever thought you could, naturally!



This always surprises guys because it seems so fundamental. We all KNOW we should be drinking more water, but most of us just don’t. You have got to make sure you are drinking your 7-8 glasses a day THROUGHOUT the day. What happens when you don’t drink enough water is you become dehydrated. This is beyond disastrous for your beard production, because your body requires hydration to run the beard hair cycle and to produce healthier hair. Without enough water your beard could stagnate (just stop growing) and the growth you do get will come slower and won’t be as strong.


Wow, we are really breaking some ground here, right guys? But as with the water, sleep is a fundamental part of your beard growing routine. It is during sleep that your beard grows best as your body is regenerating and getting rest. If you aren’t getting enough sleep, forget growing your beard faster, your growth can stunt and even worsen. But it’s not just not getting enough time to rebuild that is the worst part of sleep deprivation, but the STRESS that comes from not getting enough sleep that will be the true enemy of your beard!
Stress not only can slow growth, but can cause you to SHED and LOSE beard hair, and the most common cause of stress is, you guessed it, lack of sleep. GET ENOUGH SLEEP and your beard can grow faster!  Stop binge watching shows or wasting time online and putting off sleep. Sleep is a huge ally in growing your beard faster!


DSC_0595 2-7This is perhaps the biggest tip of all for you. A malnourished beard is not going to grow as fast! If you want your beard to grow faster, you have to make sure your beard roots are well fed and are strengthened. If you beard is not getting the fuel it needs to have strong roots and to produce long term healthy growth, don’t expect your beard to grow and develop as quickly. The best way to boost your beard roots we know of is an all-natural beard supplement called Beard Powder that you mix in a drink every day. It gives your beard roots a boost which provides not only the strength for long term growth, but can speed up your beard growth so you can reach your beard goals a lot faster.
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It is one of the few things we have as part of our beard routine, and we think you’ll love it as well. Some guys have seen results in the first week, others it has taken only a couple weeks. It works so fast with most guys because their beard roots have been malnourished. Just can’t let that continue, guys! PLUS our readers are given an exclusive promo code for Beard Powder (Beard Powder is awesome, guys!).¬†Just type in “nourishmybeard” when you check out for a great discount!

Thanks so much for checking this article out!
Drink lots of water, get enough sleep, and nourish your beard to help your beard grow faster and healthier!

Love you guys. Beard on!

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How To Grow a Beard Faster: Lots of Water, Sleep and Nourish Your Beard!